There is a simple sort of fact about talented American professionals… They aren’t particularly loyal. Even someone brilliant can make mistakes that have unfortunate consequences – that doesn’t mean that the companies (or the government) are going to find someone better than them to fix the mess. They probably understand it better from having seen all aspects of it while it was evolving and probably thought about how to fix it even if nobody would let them – yet.

The key issue however is motivation. People have to feel motivated to do their best work. They have to feel acknowledged and respected. And if you don’t treat high level professionals like you think they are awesome, they will go work for someone else who does. At the least, they won’t give you their all.

Ultimately, these are still the kinds of people who need to be more passionate and working at higher levels to help make things better overall because there is no one else who can. And ultimately, it wasn’t just a few people who were at fault for our current economic mess. Everyone down to the people who took loans they should have known they’d never be able to pay back – is at fault. Millions of people made mistakes and that many people have to contribute to fixing things.

Its not like a lot of people weren’t happy earlier that they could buy homes for their families. It just didn’t work out. There’s no point in trying to put all the blame on one party. Nor is there any reason to be upset if you were a part of the problem, since a lot of other people made similar mistakes. We just need to make the most practical decisions we can and move forward.