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Unemployment rates are going down. That however is partially a fake out because unemployment is measured by people getting paid unemployment benefits, and some people are just falling out of the workforce or into welfare.

There is the concept of people that become unemployable. What that means in part is that they lose their motivation and will. Their habits change and they adapt to living life in a different manner – one without much hope.

How did they get there? In part this is because they have failed too often, been rejected too often, and just don’t want to experience the pain anymore. In part, its because they just don’t know how to do better. Some people don’t even know how to write resumes or interview properly – not their fault, they were never taught.

Of those who find jobs – many find jobs that are far below where they should be working, and over time they lose hope for better. In reality, as far as the economy is concerned, the effect of that isn’t that different from someone being jobless because ultimately their ability to add to the whole is still lower than what it should have been.

The key factor here is motivation and knowing how to succeed – like knowing how to interview or do your job better. Its feeling good and having a positive opinion of yourself. Even for those who are receiving unemployment, if they have to give up too much they may be losing some of the pleasures of life that give them the will to fight.

What is needed to really turn things around, is a focus on the people.

People must be helped to feel better and perform better.

Starting solutions could be as simple as creating motivational websites and creating awareness so that people go there to find inspiration. Start initiatives to help communities learn how to strengthen themselves.

And maybe have places where people who are unemployed or on welfare can go to enjoy themselves… if they take some kind of productive action. They do need to get back into the habit of earning their happiness – but the demands made on them have to be practical based on their situation. Like going on a website, reading up and then passing a test on communication skills that they can then solidify through practice in a community group… That’s a practical improvement and it would make sense to have a reward for that. And through such actions they can improve their habits, work on regaining their self-esteem, and then make their lives better so that not only are they themselves able to be happier but they also once again contribute to making the country a better place.


First, let me start by saying that I don’t think he’s a bad guy. He’s decently intelligent and wants people to get along. Most of the rest of the world no longer think that we’re jackasses like they did under Bush. However, is he President material or what we need right now?

Let  me use an odd example to start illustrating the problem: Drone attacks in Pakistan supposedly attacking militants – actually killing a few militants and a lot of civilians including innocent women and children who likely had hard enough lives as it was – on Obama’s orders.

Now this isn’t necessarily Obama’s fault – he’s following CIA intel. Except, wait a minute… Didn’t we spend a trillion dollars on a war on Iraq based on bad intel from the CIA that they had WMDs that they never had? What’s going on here? What’s going on is simple – its not that Obama is evil or that Bush was evil or even that the CIA is evil (Paranoid maybe, but not evil). The real reason is that there just isn’t enough accountability. We love going into things half cocked, before we know what’s happening.

Now, lets look at a very different example closer to home:

Last year, welfare cost the government an average of $60K per household. The amount actually given to those households on average? $22K. Balls!

Seriously, what the fuck?!

Does this sound like a very different issue? Its not. The key issue is the same. Our government is an expert at shoddy workmanship. They throw a ton of tax and debt money at a problem. And when that creates a bigger mess because they didn’t think things through, instead of going back and figuring out what happened, they throw even more tax and debt money at it.

Why is this happening?

  1. Lack of accountability.

And that is the problem. It takes a lot of experience understanding complex systems and getting results before you even understand how to try to fix something complicated. Before you even begin to understand what mistakes you don’t want to make. The only kind of person who could lead this country to a better future is someone who actually has skill in making things work better. And that person isn’t Obama.

In fact, its probably not someone charismatic at all since those people are usually very critical people who dwell on the minute details of problems instead of pretty rainbows. But that is what we need. And we don’t need just one. We need thousands that go into the various areas where things are going to shit and figure out how to fix things individually – you can’t just fix the country, you have to fix all the parts that make up the country.

And really, whoever wins the elections, we need to find such people fast because in all likelihood, neither Obama nor Romney is going to be able to pull our asses out of the fire in the long run. They may be well intentioned, but they don’t know how to get things done.

After all, lets say you had to put Romney or Obama in charge of Apple or just friggin’ Walmart! Would you even trust them to do a good job managing all the different services of any one of those companies, raising profits, making people’s lives better and providing the vision it needs to do better in the world tomorrow? No? Of course, not! Because they aren’t qualified, and its too big for them!

Incidentally, I don’t think we should elect Romney, not because Obama is so much better, but because he has four years of experience learning about and trying to fix the issues, and he has plans in play. Romney thinks he knows better without having any real experience, and he’s going to create his own half-assed changes that likely won’t be any better. So we won’t get anything great from Romney and he’ll fuck up what Obama had in progress so we won’t be able to gain from that either. This is not a time for indecision on top of weak action. Its better we at least stay the course and let him do his best.